Friday, April 27, 2012

Almost 6 Months

Baby girl will officially be 6 months old in just 4 days. It’s surreal how fast she is growing. Her 6 month checkup is next week so I will update her stats soon. She unfortunately is teething again. Poor little thing isn’t even 6 months old and already has her 2 bottom teeth & now her top teeth are trying to poke through. The last week or so has been rocky to say the least. Doses of Tylenol, teething tablets, & baby Oragel have been our best friends lately. We apparently must not be that great of friends because between the crying & screams of pain, I’m not sure anything is helping this pitiful pearl.
In other news, she had another helmet appointment this past Wednesday and her head shape has improved by 3%, which is great news. I’m still confused by all of the percentages and such, but as long as her head is looking more round, that’s all I care about. She is also officially going through separation anxiety. If she can’t see my face or Mat’s, it’s all downhill from there. We visited Mat's office today and let's just say the crocodile tears were rolling.
On another note, she is rolling around like crazy and loves being on her tummy. It's funny how much she has changed because she used to despise being on her tummy just a few months ago. The minute I put her on the floor for playtime, she rolls to her belly, pops her head up like a turtle and ferociously kicks her legs as if she’s going somewhere. It’s so adorable. I have a feeling she may be an early crawler…lucky us! She’s still squealing & shrieking as loud as ever. She loves to let us know that she is here! (As if we would ever forget!)

A few of her favorite things:
Mortimer the Moose
Sophie the Giraffe
Rainforest Jumparoo - nothing but smiles while she's jumping!
Being tickled - She is SUPER ticklish just like her daddy!
Sweet potatoes - her first food and she is obsessed

Dislikes at the moment:
Green beans - her second solid food that she's tried- we get nothing but lock jaw on this one


  1. I absolutely love your blog. This is fantastic and a great way for the family to keep up with you, Matt and our new Felicity. You guys are great. Always with love, mom.

  2. I am so glad you started this. It is a wonderful blog and you write so well. haha! Love it!!!!